By Alex Darcy

Uber Eats becomes a popular food delivery choice busier than ever after COVID-19 hits the US.

A lot of American citizens who would normally go out to get a quick bite, didn’t necessarily have that luxury during mandatory quarantines, where states asked residents to harbor inside of their homes in hopes of staving off spread of the coronavirus begun in 2019. With underlying health conditions being a factor, or with many Americans just being cautious during quarantine, it was harder to leave home. 

UberEats has been busier than ever because many people thought having food delivered rather than dining out would limit their exposure to their virus and would keep them safer if they didn’t physically leave home. It has become easier than ever for people to stay at home instead of making that ten-minute drive to their favorite fast food or sit-down restaurants. Obviously,this is a change of lifestyle for a lot of people. 

According to senior Dean Swift, he is “really pleased” with the quality and service that comes with an Uber Eats order and delivery and would recommend it to his friends and family.

Whether you decide to go out to eat or to choose Uber Eats or other food delivery services, both are good options. Just remember to support local restaurants and businesses at this time.