By Comeh Emuobor

COVID-19 gets the best of individuals’ birthdays.  

I have a friend named Josh who had a birthday during quarantine. He was extremely confident that we would be out of quarantine before his birthday came. 

Some of my other friends and I would call him  when we  disagreed with his opinion. Josh’s mood would then change completely. Josh watched the news to see what was going on and where COVID was going. Once he said, “Only God knows when this will all be over because it seems like nobody has the answers to solving all of this.” Having doubts, the thought of celebrating his birthday during COVID was overwhelming for Josh. My other friends and I tried to cheer him up. 

Before this virus,  Josh was planning to invite our friend group to Busch Gardens, but things went South, obviously. Dealing with this virus has been very tough. 

Like Josh, thousands of Americans celebrated birthdays this year like they never had before: they have held parades, drive-through celebrations, and online parties. Imagine having a birthday during a pandemic. It just makes the situation worse.