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AP Art and Photography Projects: Sydnie Schwarz

Posted on March 17, 2016

Looking at the year long projects for AP Art and Photography. This week’s student is Sydnie Schwarz.

Ravenscroft Alumnus Tre Cotton Shares His Story

Posted on October 6, 2015

Tre Cotton ’07, shares his story about his transition from athletics to fine arts, and how Ravenscroft played a role.

Getting AP Artsy

Posted on April 27, 2015

This video is on the AP Art Show of 2015, and covers the students art work that they created themselves. It also contains some students description of their concentrations. Also, the AP Art teacher voices her opinion on this years art show.

Let’s Get Visual (Arts)

Posted on November 19, 2014

Take a trip across campus to the Fine Arts building and discover Ravenscroft’s Upper School Visual Arts. Each class has projects that a student describes, and will show how their abilities are represented. Directed by Hailey Stewart, Sydney Jordan, Morgan Shuey, and Jordynee MC.

Nevarmore Online Lip Dub Challenge #1: Torres vs. Wade

Posted on November 16, 2014

Watch English Instructor Shell Torres try to “teach” junior Charlette Wade how to lip dub with style…or is Charlette Wade the “teacher”…YOU be the judge by casting your VOTE via Ravensmail!!

This is an Nevarmore Online Editorial Team Production: Michael Hall, MJ Malone & Courtney Price.


Fine Arts News: Visiting Artist Stephen Smith: 10-21-14

Photographer Stephen Smith, a Ravenscroft alumn of 2000, visits the school and gives input on how he composes his photos, why he uses Instagram, and what inspires him.  His alumn blog can be found at .

Shakespeare Competition: 10-17-14

Allyson Takes the competition placing first in the recent Shakespeare Competition.

What’s in My Mouth 2: 10-16-14

The “What’s in My Mouth” gang is back for round two. Senior, Ally Bonavita, and Junior, Taylor Jackson, battle it out a with a new format to an old game.

 What’s in My Mouth: 10-3-14

Two brave senior girls were given the task to compete and guess what foods were in their mouths. Hailey Stewart and Sydney Jordan battle out in this hilarious video.

Connor Irey Meets Fonz: 5-9-14

Connor meets his new friend Connor Irey. Actor Connor Irey a.k.a Fonz, Filmers Mitchell Andrews and Kyle Williams.


Michael Hall Breaks A World Record: 5-9-14

Watch as Michael Hall ’15 breaks a world record for the most Dum-Dum lollipops in one’s mouth. 


Orchestra and Jazz Band Brighten the Rainy Day with Song:10-10-13

Upper School students got a sneak preview of the Fall Concert on 10.9.13.


Sing a Song But Don’t be Wrong:10-15-13

Nevarmore Online reporters English Bernhardt and Alexus Baldwin bring back this classic segment developed last spring by Rachel Wakeford, Shelby Major and Taylor Letts. Christian Walker is the first contestant this year…


FIne Arts Corner-AP Art Show-4-23-13

Nevarmore online takes another close look at the Fine Arts sector. This segment, AP Art show


FIne Arts Corner – Visual Arts – Outside the Box- 4-12-13

Nevarmore online takes another close look at the Fine Arts sector. This segment, Art foundations “Outside of the Box” Art show!!!


Fine Arts Corner- 3-25-13

Hey, look, listen! It’s Fine Arts Corner!!


Fine Arts Corner- Visual Arts 2-11-13

Nevarmore Online’s new series takes a look at the Fine Arts activities going on around Ravenscroft.


The Crucible Opens Tonight! 10-12-12

Nevarmore Online gives you an exclusive backstage pass to the Upper School’s upcoming performance, The Crucible, opening tomorrow, Friday October 12!


AP Art Gallery Opening

Upper School AP Art students display their work in a gallery in the fine arts center.


Music Performance Club: Matt Richards

Senior Matt Richards ended a Morning Meeting on a positive note of his own creation…


RavenStock 2012

On April 4, 2012 Music Performance Club put on a concert outside, under the Character Tree, instead of the usual  Morning Meeting. All money raised from the event will be  donated to Habitat for Humanity…

The songs performed:

1. When We Were Young-The Killers     2. Dog Days Are Over-Florence And The Machine

3. I’ve Got a Feeling-The Beatles              4. Kids-MGMT


RavenStock TOMORROW!

Music Performance Club performs tomorrow, April 4th at 8:00 a.m. under the Character Tree…


RavenStock: Music Performance Club Update

Nevarmore Online reporters Brandon Park and Matthew Colwell provide details about this year’s Music Performance Club event – RavenStock…


Art for Social Justice Projects

Nevarmore Online reporter Lauren Grady canvasses the campus to gather the story behind the projects…


Fine Arts Concert Preview: Monday, March 5th at 7:00 pm


Morning Meeting: Ensemble Performance 2-29-12

Watch Dr. Vana lead the Fine Arts Ensemble in a sneak preview of the US Concert on Monday, March 5th at 7:00 pm in the Jones Theatre.


Art Show Awards, 2-10-12


Tebaribasses LIVE! 1-27-12

Ravenscroft’s male a capella group, The Tebaribasses, performed for the Upper School during Morning Meeting in honor of Black History Month and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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