Student News

 Bye Mrs.Velk Video

We talk with Mrs.Velk about her plans after leaving!

 Ravens Summer Plans

Ravens discuss their plans for the summer.

Interviewing Ravens Staff and Students on Women’s Day 4/19/17

Watch interviews with students and faculty on their opinions on Women’s day, featuring the head of the She club Ms. McElvany!

What Do Ravens Think About The Dress Code Update?

Ravens Talk About The Updated Dress Code

CCC’s GPA Calculator 3-31-17

Ravenscroft students develop an app to help students calculate their GPA.

Saint Baldricks 2017

StBaldrick‘s is an incredible organization that raises money for childhood cancer by having participants shave their heads to show solidarity with children who have no hair due to chemotherapy treatment. It is a powerful and brave act to shave your head, and I encourage everyone to do it. You have the ability to grow your hair back, but many children with cancer do not.

Washington D.C. w/ Doug

Douglas, Fen, Mr. Kielty, Ms. Lam, & the Chinese exchange students visited DC for the first time.

Ravenscroft Senior Project 1/24/17

Ravenscroft Teacher Jennifer Mcelvaney discusses the changes made to the senior internship.

Ravenscroft Blood Drive February 8th

Watch to learn how and if you are eligible to donate blood February 8th!

Ravenscroft African American Quiz Bowl Team

Learn from our African American Quiz Bowl team what its like to participate in competitions and preparation.

Ravenscroft African American Quiz Bowl

Ravens Share their Angel Projects 1/12/17

Wondering who participated in the guardian angel project this year? Watch this video to find out!

G&G Interview About the College Alumni Forum 1/12/17

Check out our video where we interview students and a college counselor about the college alumni forum! And this will be G&G Productions final season 😦

Mr. Flinn Explains Essay Grading Process 1/3/17

Mr. Flinn and students share their thoughts about the essay grading process.

Ravenscroft Spoken Word 11/14/16

This is an inside look into spoken word club. We got Kevin Flinn, the club advisor, to give us some information about the club and the meaning of it. Also have new student Bakari Young-smith performing.

Ravenscroft Community Members Share Opinions on Election 11/8/16

Today is the day that this strange election will come to an end. Its still between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, watch the video below to see which Ravens support which candidate and why!

 Raven Round-Up: New Initiative Forces Students to Clean the Hallways 10/19/16

Nevarmore Online interviews a senior advisor and students to find out their feelings on the new SGA initiative.

Students Join Clubs at Annual Club Bazaar 10/13/16

Kevin Billerman, Assistant Head of Upper School, shares his thoughts on this years Club Bazaar.

Ravens Rumble at Stark Raven Madness 10/3/16

All new activities captured by Nevermore Online!

Saturday Detention 9/26/16

The recent announcement of Saturday detentions have sparked some controversy – Get the exclusive story here!

Ravens Elect New Honor Council Member 6/6/16

On May 22nd the class of 2018 listened to five speeches and then voted for the new member of Honor Council.

Ravenscroft Graduation Speaker Class of 2016

Ben Diehl, soon Ravenscroft grad, speaker extraordinaire, and all around friendly guy talks to us about his first speech and his plans for his final address.

Get Hype for the Junior Mountain Trip! 05/25/16

Get some advice and hear some students’ thoughts before the Junior Mountain Trip!
If you want to know specific details about how and what to pack, please click here!

Behind the Scenes Teachers 05/23/16

Check out some of the staff at Ravenscroft that doesn’t get seen on a day to day basis!

Senior Share Their Thoughts on Internships 05/12/16

Earth Day 5/12/16

Don’t know who won the earth day challenges? Find out here from the Eco Club president!


Special Olympians Compete in Games

 Wake County Special Olympics at Ravenscroft School

Ravenscroft’s Creative Writing Class Reads to Lower School Students

Upper School students read their original stories to lower schooler kids. Watch Ravenscroft’s creative writing class make history by reading to the younglings down in the lower school.

Visiting Author: Jennifer Pharr Davis 4/5/16

Recap video of Ravenscroft’s visiting author: Jennifer Pharr Davis as she shares her journey and the importance of writing.

Honors English Project- Experiencing life without  a cellphone 4/1/16

English Instructor Nicole Moore together with English Department Chairman Joel Karpowitz designed a project based on an assigned novel which required students to give up their phone in order to experience life and reflect on the question: Are we being controlled by media?

Croft Band Students speak on Trip to Orlando Florida 4/1/16

St. Baldrick’s 4/1/16

See what this years St. Baldrick’s team has planned for the upcoming event.

Ravenscroft College Decisions

Ravenscroft senior Chase Storch interviews his fellow classmates to find out what schools they will be attending in the fall. Also interviewed students on what they expect out of the college experience their freshman year.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Watch part of English Instructor Cy League’s speech, as well as interviews of some of the recent inductees.

Ravens Attend The Bernie Sanders’ Rally 3/24/16

Hear first hand experiences of Ravens at the Rally.

How to Donate for Zambia 3/22/16

Get the scoop on what and where to donate for the 2016 Zambia Trip.

Ravenscroft Middle School Students Celebrate Pi Day 3/18/16

Ravenscroft students compete for the best overall score during pi day celebration

SGA President Discloses Information on The Winter Informal 3/1/16

Questions and answers are given about the winter informal. Understand what SGA plans to do about future dances.

Chipotle? 3/01

This video is about Chipotle after the recent Ecoli breakouts.

Guarden Angel Project 2/03

Mrs. Smith tells us why and how Ravenscroft got involved with Guardian Ad Litem.

Ravenscroft Students Chop for a Good Cause 1/20

The leaders of the Ravenscroft chapter of Warmth for Wake explain the organization and events.

Ravens Rejoice Over New Green Screen 1/19/16

Ravenscroft High School has a new Green Screen! What it is and how it works.

AP Psychology in a Nutshell 1/15/16

Thinking of taking AP Psychology? Listen to instructor Janet Smith explain the course.

Developing Story: Trash Left Around Ravenscroft 1/14/16

Senior, Will Reddin, explores the growing issue of the trash littered about the high school. Reddin Interviews various members of the Ravenscroft community to show the reactions to this issue.

Arrive Alive Visits Ravenscroft 1/13/16

An organization dedicated to showing teens the danger of distracted and impared driving through live simulations visited Ravenscroft in order to teach students the true effects of distracted driving.

Ravens express their opinions on Online Grades 1/13/16

Mr. Bogue answers why grades aren’t available online on all times, and students tell us if they want to have their grades always able to view.

Exploring the World of Coding 1/11/16

In this video we explore coding and find out what it truly is.

Ravenscroft Makes Changes to the English Exam 12/11/15

Members of the English department share information about the new English exam format and future plans.

Entertaining the Youth: New Snapchat Update 12/09/15

Watch as Nevarmore Online gets creative with Snapchat’s new features,and polls student’s on their opinions of the additions to the social media app.

Ravenscroft Hosts TDA for the First Time!

The Triangle Diversity Alliance Conference is a chance for people of different cultures and lifestyles to get together and share experiences in their local community with members of other independent schools.

Ravens Sign NLI’s 11/24/15

Five Ravenscroft School students sign their Nation Letter of Intent to play college athletics.

Arrive Alive/Distracted Driving Tour Visits Ravenscroft 11/12/15

The Arrive Alive Tour is coming to Ravenscroft on Friday, November 13th with simulators that demonstrate the hazards of distracted driving situations such as texting while driving and driving while intoxicated. Sophomore, junior and senior students can participate in this interactive experience.

Dr. College (aka Bill Pruden) Knows College Apps 10/9/15

Nevarmore Online interviews Dr. College himself, Bill Pruden, College Counselor Extraordinaire , asking about the college application process.

What’s The Deal With Required Senior Speeches? 10/9/15

For the first time in Ravenscroft history, seniors are forced to give a speech on the topic of their choice to their advisory groups with a duel purpose: part of the lead from here initiative and a new way to select the graduation class speaker.

Ravenscroft Community Shares Advice for the Freshman  10/6/15

Since the class of 2017 is the largest freshman class in Ravenscroft history, Nevarmore Online decided to make a video with some advice from other students as well as faculty.

Ravenscroft Community Members Share Thoughts about New Schedule  9/25/15

Students express their thoughts on the new schedule, and we hear from Kevin Billerman on why the change was necessary.

P7 Online News Conversation with Renee Soulis, Freedom from Chemical Dependency  5/21/15

Online news reporters where given the opportunity to discuss Ravenscroft’s results from the survey that all 8th – 12th graders took during an advisory period in January.

 Ravenscroft National Honor Societies Inducts New Members 5/15/15

National Honor Society inductions and a background of the new honor society, Science.

Ravenscroft Students Wonder WHO LET THESE GOOSE DOGS OUT? 5/14/15

Nevarmore Online caught up with Dennis Lane and Woody Davis, goose dog owners, to get the scoop on the goose situation.

Get Prepared and Conquer AP Exams 5/5/15

Everything you need to know about taking AP exams at Ravenscroft.

Seniors Announcing College Decisions!

Some students of the Senior Class tell us their College Decisions.

Ravens Discuss Career Week 3/26/15

Ravenscroft students and teachers talk about their career choices.

Students Showcase their Talents at Celebration Day

Students give detail about 3rd quarter celebration day, which is Friday March 27, 2015 in the Finley Center

Ravens Discuss The Project Grateful Board 3/23/15

Ravenscroft students post grateful comments and thoughts on the grateful board to raise money and buy toys for the children at Duke Hospital.

Celebrating Black History Month

Members of the Ravenscroft community share their thoughts on Black History Month.


Mysteries of the Banners 1/13/15

Ford, Liam, and Mitchell go out to discover of the mysteries of the banners in the stairwells

College Alumni Forum 1/13/15

Ravenscroft alumni come back to talk to the students about there college experiences and the importance on picking the right college.


SDLC ’14 1/13/15

Students react and a quick summary of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in 2014.

SPEAK Promotion (1-16-15) 12/9/14

Here is a short promotional video for the second annual Ravenscroft SPEAK event.

Seniors Dominate Celebration Day (12/1/2014)

Students participated in basketball, tug of war, and noodle knockover.

New School Schedule 11/18/14

Behind the scenes and student opinions of the new, 2015-2016 Ravenscroft schedule. Who made the decisions? What will it look like? How do the students feel?

Senior Ice Cream Day 10/28/14


Tommy Corchiani and Troy Jones talk to the seniors about their favorite ice cream cones. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

First Quarter Update 10/27/14

Ravenscroft students, Blake and Pearce Sanders, get a chance to talk about how the first quarter went.

New Grade Level Deans For Teens 10/1/14

This year, Ravenscroft has grade level Deans for the first time to facilitate communication between students, parents, and advisors as well as administration.

Remembering 9/11: 9-19-14

Ravenscroft’s attempt to honor the memory of lives lost on September 11, 2001 did not go as planned, as many were not so silent during the moment of silence.

Starbucks On-Campus? 3-19-14

Opinions on installing a Starbucks café on school property.

MLK Day 2014

On MLK day Upper School Students participated in SPEAK. SPEAK was a day of student led workshops, student and teacher performances, and a special presentation by the Sacrificial Poets.

To hear more spoken word please visit Sac Poe’s website here:

Not your Common App 01-08-14

Ravenscroft students share information and personal experiences about the different types of college applications and what they entail.


Quizup! 12-13-13

David Silver and Connor “Fonz” Irey discuss QuizUp, the popular new App.

Bill Pruden Informs Upper Schools Students About Cause and Effect of Shutdown: 10.4.13

Bryant Vucich and Mike Fagan interview Mr. Pruden about what is going on in our government right now. For more information, click HERE for a USA TODAY article.

Upper School Announcements: 10.15.13

Nevarmore Online brings the weekly bulletin to life!

Triangle Diversity Alliance conference

Last  Friday Ravenscroft Middle and Upper Schoolers headed to Cary Academy for the annual Triangle Diversity Alliance conference. Check back soon for more videos on diversity in the Ravenscroft community!

-Jessie Lutz

Ted Teo (Student Diversity Leader at Cary Academy) and Jessie Lutz ’14 at TDA

Bill Pruden Informs Upper Schools Students About Cause and Effect of Shutdown

Bryant Vucich and Mike Fagan interview Mr. Pruden about what is going on in our government right now. For more information, click HERE for a USA TODAY article.

Interactive Speaker Delivers Sustainability Message

Invited by the legendary Upper School librarian EliseThrash, Rebecca Dunsten captured our attention on proper recycling and composting with trivia and film clips from local recycling plants.

Club Bazaar

Nevarmore Online captures footage at Ravenscroft’s first ever Club Bazaar.  Nevarmore reporters Meneka Atree and Jessie Lutz interview club leaders and students about the event. Overall, the feedback has been quite positive. If you did not have the chance to attend the bazaar, all the club information has been conveniently shared with you in Google Drive.

New Teachers Share Information with Nevarmore

Sam Sutherland and Tristan Hammersla interview the newest teachers of Ravenscroft. Including Peter Bogue, Head of Upperschool extraordinaire , Aaron Sundstrom, Head of Math Department extraordinaire, and Bryce Jones, History Instructor extraordinaire

SGA Election Speeches, 5-7-13

The SGA candidates shared their wise words with the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors…

AP Exam Schedule, 5-7-13

AP Exam schedules with Michael Hall and Sam Sutherland…

150th Gala, 4-22-13

Originally shown at the Ravenscroft 150th Gala on April 20th, 2013, check out this video produced by Trailblazer Studios that reflects how Ravenscroft has impacted the alumni as well as the community.

Meghan McAllister

ACC Barnstorming Tour Preview, 4-16-13

Check out this preview for the 35th annual ACC Barnstorming Tour hosted by Ravenscroft School.

Class of 2013 College Decisions, 4-13-13

This year’s senior class has made some of their college decisions! Tune in weekly to find out who’s going where!

Career Week, 3-29-13

We talked to students about Career Week…

Ravenscroft Ally Week, 3-18-13

During the week of March 11th through the 15th, Ravenscroft Allies hosted a whole week dedicated to supporting all people despite their race, sexual orientation, or any other social identifier.

French Festival 2013, 3-4-13

A few clips from the Fourth Annual Ravenscroft French Festival!

AP Biology Commercial Project Presentations, 2-6-13

Nevarmore reporters Connor “Fonz” Irey and Sam Sutherland travel to “Bananas Town” for a look at the commercial project presentations in Zoe Welsh’s AP Biology classes.

Chris Herren Delivers Powerful Message to Ravenscroft, 1-29-13

Chris Herren speaks about his drug addiction, Project Purple, and gives his best advice for young people on how to make good life choices.

OXFAM Hunger Banquet, 1-28-13

John and Turner delve into the world of the OXFAM Hunger Banquet and the Inter Faith Food Shuttle in their latest Nevarmore adventure.

Ravenscroft Allies, 1-25-13

Ravenscroft Allies is a new club created by Caroline Zuckerman(13). Supporting others in our community is the primary goal of this group.

Sadie Hawkins Dance Equitette , 1-10-13

Lloyd Mallison reports on the hotly debated topic of the Winter Formal Sadie Hawkin’s dance, answering the questions you want to know: Who pays, who drives, and who will be Ms Welsh’s date?

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