Ravenscroft Campus Tour

Wisdom From the Class of 2017! 5/04/17

The class of 2017 gives out some of their ancient secrets to success

Take a Look at the 2017 Zambia Spring Break Trip! 5/3/17

Watch an interview with seniors Chandler Presson and Mary Neff, featuring some cool pictures of African Wildlife.

Are you more Basic than a Gabby?

are you???

Between Two Bathrooms Vol. 1  4/21/17

First episode of a wonderful news and report show

How to Spring Break Part 2: Packing

Learn how to pack with Da Sprang Brakeee galz

Students Take On Sprang Break 3/27/17


Thespian Trippin’ to New York City- 3/9/17

This past weekend the Thespians went on a trip to NYC to watch 2 broadway shows: Dear Evan Hansen, and A Bronx Tale. They also toured famous buildings and ate at famous restaurants.

Ravenscroft Students Expose Rappers-  3/6/17

Dats bogus exposing bad rap lyrics

Cookin’ Up A Storm



How to Spring Break PART 1

Get ready for spring break 2017 with your favorite gals!!!

Ravenscroft citizenship test part 1

Would Kevin Billerman actually be a citizen?


Welcome to the 2017 Ravenscroft Schools exclusive show, Ravenscroft Spelling Bee! Made by Dylan, Catherine and Anna


Behind the scenes footage of the upcoming 2016-2017 school year musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie! Made by Douglas Dillon

Ravens Make New Years Resolutions 1/30/17

A Ravenscroft Alumni joins in on the resolution train!


Vote in Round 2 of Lip Dub Competition; Varsity Football vs. Wrestling

Watch to see what the Wrestling team wants for Christmas!


Ravens Share Snow Day Experiences 1/12/17

Fellow Ravens give descriptions of their snow days.

Are You Smarter Than A Dill? 1/12/17

Follow us on our quest to find a Ravenscroft student smarter than “The Dillon Wingo”…..if one even exists.

Making the Flubber 1/12/17

Watch our Making the Flubber video! Full of lots of fun and useful life tips!

xoxo- MereBear, Famous Gabby, and Easy Mac

Meeting The Ravens 1/12/17

Find out some interesting info about fellow Ravens.

Ravenscroft Students Experiment with Perception Goggles a.k.a. “Drunk Goggles” 1/12/17

Following the Daily Life of Davis Willard  1/11/17

Do you know the new sophomore Davis Willard AKA Dwilly? Just kidding, everyone knows who he is. Get the inside look on his epic lifestyle.

Meet KBillz! 1/11/17

An inside look on the personal life of Kevin John Paul Billerman.

Ravens Share off-Campus Lunch Spots

This video is about Ravenscrofters Favorite Off Campus lunch spots.

Whip ‘o da Week with Nolan Irey and The Van

Join Jackson Queen and his Pals on a quest to uncover the vast secrets of Nolan’s Van. The incredible discoveries of what lies within a vehicle that we hold so dear.

Please Vote in the Nevarmore Online Varsity Lip Dub Challenge 11/18/16

Ravens, please check your email to cast your vote for either the varsity football team or the varsity volleyball team to advance in this year’s Nevarmore Online Lip Dub Challenge.

Upperclassmen give advice to the freshmen

Upperclassmen advice the freshmen on how to survive high school.

Ravens Review Rhonda’s Munchiezzz 11/10/16

What do students think of Rhonda’s? Find out now!

Ian Delves Into Ravenscroft Fashion 11/9/16

Watch Mr. Bogue and Mr. Billerman get a honest review about their so called fashion from the man, the myth, the one they call Ian Conley.

Carpool Karaoke With G&G Productions 11/8/16

Check out this Carpool Karaoke with Georgia and Gabby (G&G Productions)! Learn more about Gabby’s album, senior year, and her future plans!

Competing for the Hoco Dub

Which homecoming couple has won the love of their fellow students? Swoon over the beautiful winning couple here.


Blithe Spirit Cast and Crew Explain the Play 11/7/16

Learn about the inside scoop on the Ravenscroft Fine Arts Play Blithe Spirit.

Students Explain Their Favorite Parts of the State Fair 11/3/16

Davis Willard Says The Strangest Thing…

Whip of the week feat. Ray Karrenbauer

Bringing back classic the Nevarmore Online segment this week with Ray Karrenbauer and his “Chromaflair” Range Rover.

Nasty Bottle Flips with JQueen- 10/17/16

A fad that is currently sweeping the nation comes to Ravenscroft. Bottle flipping. Jackson Queen goes behind the scenes of this wonderful art in his effort to become the best bottle flipper in the world.

Meet The Freshmen 10/12/16

Bringing back the classic Meet the Freshmen with Brooke Baker and Brynley Jonson

Meet The Teachers 10/5/16

Find out cool facts about your new faculty members at Ravenscroft

 Corvus Presents: 2016 Senior Superlatives 6/3/16

The people have spoken…the results are in…drumroll please…

Learning Spanish 5/12/16

Learning Spanish has never been this easy. Come on a fun-filled journey with the Lean Master and friends as we explore the beautiful language of Spanish. Allow yourself to become immersed in the culture of Latin American countries and Spain.

Seniors Conquer Adventure Landing 5/12/16

Awkward Celebration Day 5/10/2016

Celebrating a day of celebration at Ravenscroft in the spring.

Insane Pole Vaulting 5/10/16

Warren Myers films the daily life of a pole vaulter at Ravenscroft. The point of the video is to show how savage pole vaulting is and how it takes a special individual to jump with the big dogs!Warren Myers films the daily life of a pole vaulter at Ravenscroft. The point of the video is to show how savage pole vaulting is and how it takes a special individual to jump with the big dogs!

Senior remember their freshman year 5/10/16

Seniors recount their funniest/favorite memories from their freshman year.

Expanding Raven Horizons 4/29/16

Twelve students from Ravenscroft’s Upper School traveled to Africa over spring break and here is an overview of their experience. By the way, this trip is going to happen next year so if you’re interested, go talk to Mr. Kates.Twelve students from Ravenscroft’s Upper School traveled to Africa over spring break and here is an overview of their experience. By the way, this trip is going to happen next year so if you’re interested, go talk to Mr. Kates.

OUI LIP DUB- Jeremih ft. Backrow Bandits

What the savage Backrow Bandits lip dub their hearts out to the hit song Oui by Jeremih.

Would You Rather… 4/5/16

Would you rather watch this video or never know what Miles Rabun thinks about true love?

Ravens Perform at the Coffee House! 4/4/16

Members of the Ravenscroft community perform some of their favorite songs during the Coffee House performance in the Black Box Theater!

Ravens get their Speech Tested 3/31/16

Students tested their speech by using the app Speech Jammer, which you can download for free on the app store

Can You Remember: Theme Song Edition 3/17/16

Ravenscroft Students test their memory by trying to remember the words to famous old TV shows.

What’s in your bag? 3/7/16

Students use many items in their backpack throughout the day, and this video highlights the most commonly used items. Whether is it a water bottle or chapstick, students are continually going through their daily routine with these items by their side.

Just Dance Round 1 3/7/16

Watch as your peers battle it out in Just Dance. Rob, Ryan, and Mackin dance to “Jump” while Jashaun, Baron, and Chris groove to “Crocodile Rock.” They fight it out for the ultimate title of Just Dance Champion.

Meet The Freshmen Part 3 3/7/16

Senior Will Reddin interviews freshman Christian Harris in the third edition of Meet The Freshmen!

The Cross Vs Miles Parkour Showdown of the Century 3/7/16

I found the two best parkourists in the school… Cross and Miles, and filmed them going head to head in a parkour showdown.

Showing the life of a Freshman vs. the life of a Senior 3/4/16

See the comparison between the life of a Freshman and the life of a Senior!

What’s in your bag? 3/4/16

Students use many items in their backpack throughout the day, and this video highlights the most commonly used items. Whether is it a water bottle or chapstick, students are continually going through their daily routine with these items by their side.

Asking Ryan McAtee 3 Ridiculous Questions 3/4/16

Asking Ryan McAtee 3 Ridiculous Questions

Hunters Talk of 2015-2016 Duck Hunting Season 3/3/16

Chase Storch and Blake “Country Boy” Sanders, discuss their senior year duck hunting season. Including the funniest, most memorable, and best hunts as well as duck call examples.

Celebrating the Day with Troy 3/3/16

Just Troy hanging out with the locals around Ravenscroft on a day of celebration.

Ravenscroft Students “Hit Dem Folks” 3/3/16

Jackson Queen gets down and dirty while he investigates the dances that students do in their everyday life.

Ravenscroft Basketball Superlatives 3/3/16

Now that basketball season is over here are some superlatives on the Ravenscroft boys varsity team.

Things Students Lie About 2/29/16

Have you ever told a lie like this in school?

Are you smarter than a Sean?

Drew Davis finds out who is smarter than a Sean!

Pep Rally 2k16 2/11/16

Nevarmore Online takes an inside look into the pep rally and also celebrate all of the Ravenscroft Winter Sports teams.

Chatting up Second Semester  1/19/16

Are you ready for second semester? Well we caught up with some students to see how they are gonna plane and prepare for second semester.  #halfway

Movie Time With Vinny 1/15/16

Tommy Corchiani asks his peers about the newly realized movies and their movies of choice.

Making Clutch Meal Decisions 1/15/16

Watch this video to see some ‘Croft students favorite meal choices for less than $5.

Ravens Share The Importance Of Traveling 1/14/16

This Video is about Ravenscroft students travel experiences. It talks about where people have been, where they want to go, and the importance of traveling.

Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible? 1/12/16

Nevarmore asks Ravenscroft students if they would rather have the ability to fly or be invisible!

Exposing The Hoverboard 1/7/16

Hey watch this video to find out how people really feel about the Hoverboard.

Donald J. Trump Holds Rally in Raleigh 1/6/16

Donald J. Trump At The Dorton Arena 12/4/15

‘Signs of Senioritis? 12/9/15

Do you have senioritis?

Seniors Win Celebration Day 2015 12/3/15

After a great beginning to the year, Ravenscroft held the first Celebration day where grades compete against each other!

‘Croft Got Shoe Game? 12/2/15

Watch this video to see which Raven’s shoe game includes brands like Champion, And1, and even “Bean Boots”!

Meet The Freshmen Episode 2: James Myers 11/24/15

Meet The Freshmen is back for episode 2! Meet The Freshmen Episode 2 features seniors Will Reddin and Stratton Lindenmuth interviewing freshman James Myers.

Welcoming New Students To The ‘Croft 11/24/15

Hey guys, be sure to check out our interview with Arthur Lefebvre, our  new student from France.

Ravens Wish They Could “Eat Mor Chikin” 11/23/15

The Ravenscroft community shares their opinions on Chick-fil-A lunches and what their least favorite lunch item is.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years? 11/23/15

Ever wonder where you will be in 10 years? In this video we take a look at where other people see their lives 10 years from now.

Showcasing The Whips of the Week (Bog Edition) 11/20/15

Checkin’ out the sick bogs of the Upper School, including Tommy “Vin Tony Tha God” Corchiani , Warren “yee-yee” Myers, Eli “Elija” Tanner.

Boys Powderpuff Cheerleading returns to Ravenscroft! 11/18/15

If you are wondering how the senior boys perfected their pep rally routine, watch this video to gain behind the scene access of one of their final practices and you will understand how it all went down.

Ravenscroft Halloween Parade!!!!!!


Croft world croft world Our own Wayne and Garth Introduce The Lower Schoolers marched around the Upper School quad in the first ever Halloween Parade!!!!!!!

 Sing the Song and Don’t be Wrong? 11/10/15

This is a original video that was started by Taylor Letts and Rachel Wakeford class of 2013. We went around the halls and asked students to sing the song and don’t be wrong.

 What Is It Like To Be A Senior? 11/10/15

It talks about the perks and fun activities that come with being a senior. Interviews were conducted with students about parking, off campus lunch, and college.

Investigating the dress code 10/26/15

This video is about Jackson Queen- Investigating the new dress code

Window Shopping at Club Bazaar 10/26/15

In this video the Nevarmore took an inside look at Club Bazaar and interviewed some Club leaders about their respective Clubs.

Ravenscroft community members recommend movies 10/15/15

Wondering whether or not to see Jurrasic World? Watch our video to see what Ravenscroft movie critic Max Vanlokeran thought of it.

Strange things that happen in the Hallways 10/15/15

Here are all the strange things that happen in the hallways when you are not looking!

Dat’s Bogus: Rap Lyrics #1  10/13/15

Stratton Lindenmuth takes over for Tiger Harris in this year’s first Dat’s Bogus segment.

Do you want to dance? 10/9/15

Every year people are asked to homecoming in extremely creative ways. Nevarmore Online talked to a few Ravenscroft students about their past Homecoming invitations.

Sammy’s Reviews- Chairs 10/6/15

Sam Landis reviews the best places to sit in the high school.

Meet The Freshmen Is Back! 10/1/15

Bringing back the classic Ravenscroft Online News segment “Meet The Freshmen”. Episode 1 features seniors Will Reddin and Blake Sanders interviewing freshman Cais Carpenter.

Ravens, What Would You Teach? 5/6/15

Ravenscroft students tell us what they would teach.


DA BOYZ ARE BACK cashin checks and breakin necks. That’s right you know what it is, DATS BOGUS. This time Jbally and Tige reunite to tell the people what old school song lyrics are bogus.

Nevarmore Online Presents: 2015 Lip Dub CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 5/1/15

Finally, the lip dub fight of the century! Erin Colby, History Instructor, and Shell Torres, English Instructor, bring it with their rendition of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars while Nelson Nunalee, Science Instructor, Kevin Flinn English Instructor, and “the ladies” (ft. Kat Belk, Math Instructor, and Noell Egeland, Science Instructor) battle back with “Hey Ya” by OutKast. Please check your Ravenscroft email to cast your vote for the 2015 champs!

How to Dance At Prom!

April 13, 2015

With Prom 2015 just around the corner, make sure you’re prepared for the dance floor by watching this video!

Backstage Pass to Addams Family Set!!

February 13, 2015

Senior Chazz UpChurch takes us on a exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Ravenscroft musical.

Dats Bogus 3hunna

Nevarmore Online What am I Eating (Teacher Edition)

Posted on January 12, 2015

You’ve voted! We’ve done it! English professor, Nicole Moore, faces off against Biology aficionado, Noell Egeland, in a food competition for the record books… Who will win? Who will spit something out? All of that and MOORE in this edition of “What am I Eating”

Song of the Week in the Car of the Week: Week 3

World News 12/4/2014

Jack Van Lokeren ’15 and Crawford Sloan ’15 cover recent news all over the world!

Nevarmore Online Lip Dub Challenge #1: Torres vs. Wade

Posted on November 16, 2014

Watch English Instructor Shell Torres try to “teach” junior Charlette Wade how to lip dub with style…or is Charlette Wade the “teacher”…YOU be the judge by casting your VOTE via Ravensmail!!

This is an Nevarmore Online Editorial Team Production: Michael Hall, MJ Malone & Courtney Price.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

October 14, 2014

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

Heating Up the Question of the Week

October 20, 2014

Ravenscroft students asking the question the week “Who is the hottest person in Upper School?” Featuring: Hailey Stewart, Sydney Jordan, and Jordynne Magnuson-Capatosto ’15.

Bucket list

October 20, 2014

Ravenscroft students share their bucket lists.

Bogus Rap Lyrics

October 8, 2014

We wuz thinkin dees lyrics by dees rappas was bogus so we wanted to show y’all how bogus day were.

What’s in My Mouth?

October 3, 2014

Two brave senior girls were given the task to compete and guess what foods were in their mouths. Hailey Stewart and Sydney Jordan battle out in this hilarious video.

 Smells like the Question of the Week

September 26, 2014

New nevermore online reoccurring segment of Question of the Week, and each week the question will change. This week the question was “What is your favorite smell?” The participants were not informed of the question until the camera was recording. So, here are various responses to the question.

 How Guys Would Like to Be asked to Prom

March 11, 2014

We asked the guys how they would like to be asked to prom if they were girls…

Rhonda’s 20th Anniversary at the ‘Croft

March 11, 2014

A few members of the Nevarmore Online 3rd Period crew serenade Rhonda Morin to celebrate her 20 years of service at Ravenscroft.

Success: You’re in Control

February 28, 2014

Nevarmore Online is branching out with an attempt to bring inspiration to the Ravenscroft School community by highlighting the fact that everyone faces similar adversities. At Ravenscroft, we’re all in this together and if we learn to support each other, we will conquer the difficult times. Always remember, you’re in control!

Favorite Christmas Movies and Characters

December 12, 2013

Sam Sutherland, Daniel Schwabacher, and Tristan Hammersla interview different people to find out what their favorite christmas movies are and which character they would be.

Club Bazaar

September 30, 2014

Nevarmore Online captures footage at Ravenscroft’s first ever Club Bazaar.  Nevarmore reporters Meneka Atree and Jessie Lutz interview club leaders and students about the event. Overall, the feedback has been quite positive. If you did not have the chance to attend the bazaar, all the club information has been conveniently shared with you in Google Drive.

LIVE 5 splashes Into the Mainstream: Debut “What Make’s You Beautiful”

October 11, 2013

Live 5 entertainment making their first appearance with a Lip Dub to the song, “What Makes you beautiful” by One Direction.

Ravens Brighten the Halls with Neon-Themed Day

September 8, 2013

Get a sneak-peek at a few of the colorful outfits today with Nevarmore Reporters LJ Young and Mike Fagan. For the full Varsity Tennis schedule, please click HERE.

Fashion vs. Fonz

September 23, 2013

The one and only Fonz comments on fashion at the ‘Croft.

Tattoos  at the ‘Croft

May 7, 2013

Senior Caroline Scales discusses her recent tattoo in Tattoos of the ‘Croft: Part 1!

8 Ball Pool: Do’s and Don’t’s

April 29, 2013

A Tutorial from the Nevarmore Online Pool Committee. Emphasizing the do’s and don’ts to get you on a Path to Pool Prominence! Not enough friends to play? Well add parts of the Nevarmore Online Staff!

Miniclip Names: Kofie , WillTooSmooth, Kwilliams7, PSland29 and qhbehbeh3413

What Did You Think of Celebration Day?

April 27, 2013

Nevarmore Online reporter Fonz interviews Ravens about Celebration Day and the Pep Rally…..

Celebration Day ft. Wicked Wes of ’15

April 27, 2013

SGA hosted the second Upper School student Celebration Day of 2013 yesterday and this is how it went down…

Dance of the Week: Shag

April 25, 2013

Rachel Wakeford takes on the mammoth task of teaching that British Gent how to shag in this weeks dance of the week with a little help from her few friends.

*** Disclaimer: Rachel Wakeford’s tan is 100% real.

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Prom

April 24, 2013

Seniors Lloyd Mallison, John Montague, Rachel Wakeford and Shelby Major bring you the top 10 do’s and do not’s for guys and dolls who plan to attend Prom this Saturday…

Matthew and Carter’s Prom Preview

April 23, 2013

Matthew and Carter go around the high school asking people about their thoughts regarding the upcoming prom.

Nevarmore Online Presents Cribs: NMMI Style

April 23, 2013

To see Quinn Billerman’s crib at New Mexico Military Institute, please click HERE.

8 Ball Pool

April 22, 2013

Watch a trailer for the new game taking the ‘Croft by storm!

Clueless about what to do for prom? So are we. Regardless, we made a video chock full of splendid tips that will help you get through the night!

Prom Tips with Lloyd Mallison

April 22, 2013

How to Tie a Bow Tie

April 16, 2013

Learn how to tie a perfect bow tie right before this year’s prom season with Jordan Bednar and Turner Makepeace…

Class of 2013 College Decisions

April 13, 2013

This year’s senior class has made some of their college decisions! Tune in weekly to find out who’s going where!

How to Ask a Girl to Prom

March 29, 2013

The Jordans (Bednar and Jeter) show you how to ask your next date to prom!

Stuff Underclassmen Say

March 25, 2013

Here’s a glimpse into the world of Freshmen and Sophomores!

Are You Smarter than a Fonz

March 15, 2013

Here is Week 4 of our hit new segment, “Are You Smarter Than A Fonz?” If you only watch for the trailer, we don’t blame you…..

“Leaked Footage” Head of Upper School Auditions

March 11, 2013

In the event of Mr. Pruden taking a new position at Ravenscroft. Candidates from far and wide came to apply and interview for the position. One succeeded. However two candidates tapes were so incredibly bad that we had to post them. Hear the tapes of Mr. Dan Smith and Mr. Ric O’chet

Wheels of the Week (Whip of the Week Parody)

March 7, 2013

This week, the Nevarmore revisits some of its past failings, and drags them back up to the present. So this is the revisited whip of the week; re-branded as Wheels of the Week, in which John “Captain Obvious” Montague shows off his truck!

Major Crafts and Holla How-To’s

March 6, 2013

Valentine’s Day at Ravenscroft

February 14, 2013

Jordan Bednar and Lloyd Mallison take you around Ravenscroft to get an inside scoop on the best valentines given out at the ‘Croft.

Stuff ‘Croft Teachers Say Pt. 1

February 11, 2013

Charlie Brown’s teacher has got nothing on ‘Croft teachers…

Cooking With Beau, 2-8-13

He’s bbbaaacccckkkk! Not really, but Nevarmore Online reporter Lloyd Mallison traveled over the river and through the woods to Beau Scheier’s house to film this master chef in action…

Sign of the Week, 1-15-13

In a new segment on the Nevarmore Online, and with the help of our handy dandy new signs, Lloyd Mallison and JT Taylor endeavor to explore some of the untapped parts of the high school, in “Exploring the Croft!” This week; the Aquatic Center

Exploring the Aquatic Center, 1-24-13

Presenting the newest Nevarmore Online segment, which is still better than Whip of the Week; it’s sign of the week!

Nevarmore Investigations: Accents, 1-8-13

On a Nevarmore Special, we take an in-depth look at accents. Yes. Accents.

Notable Christmas Gifts, 1-7-13

Jordan Bednar interviewed students who recieved some interesting gifts this past holiday season…

Tacky Holiday Sweaters, 12-13-12

Ellen Griswold’s got nothing on Mrs. Welsh, Mrs. Lieberman and Ms. Moore…

Racing Preview, 10-2-12

The Nevarmore’s very own Collin Vernal is interviewed on his upcoming race! This Saturday he will be practicing for upcoming races. Stay tuned for future recordings of races!!!!

Where will you be ten years from now?, 9-17-12

The Nevarmore crew go out on an adventure to listen to peoples future wishes! Leave us a comment with where you will be ten years from now!

A Tribute to Nevarmore Online Founding “Fathers”

What a fantastic inaugural year for the Journalism/Online News course feat. the original seven: Jordan Bednar, Garrett Bird, Quinn Billerman, Sarah Collins, Emily High, Anastatia Hollis, and Rashaad Ratliff-Brown. Since all of you know me so well, you certainly are not expecting an average, heartfelt thanks for all your work and creativity. Of course, since “I am a cat-lover and I love to run,” I had to come up with a Velkish tribute that is “soooooo interactive” and “just more Neavarmore.” The following videos of “happy people” will simply leave you thinking “would you look at that!” This one’s for all of you that said the Nevarmore boys can’t dance and the rest of us are not normal…

4EVAR in my heart,

Mutha Velk

BS Break Dancin’, Bednar, Billerman, Bird, 5-15-12

Nevarmore Online News Team: Super Freakin’ Good, 5-15-12

Don’t Mess Wit Mutha Velk, 5-15-12

Nevarmore Online News Team: Afternoon Delight

Nevarmore Online Anchorman, Garrett Bird, leads Quinn Billerman, Jordan Bednar and Patrick McIntyre in this classic tune…

Senior Celebration Day

Here is an inside look at the seniors’ day at Adventure Landing

Juniors: A Bit of Advice

A few  veterans offer tips and information about the upcoming Junior Mountain Trip to Psigah National Park

Senioritis Hits 2012

Nevarmore Online investigative reporter, Reid Scales, interviews Dr. Perry about this highly contagious condition…

Ravenscroft Hosts Special Olympics

Nevarmore Online reporter Anastasia Hollis provides a snapshot…

Great Ravenscroft Daps

Dappin’ in the halls of Ravenscroft…

New Senior Lunch Trend? Jordan Jeter, Trend Setter?
Photographer of the Month: Rachel Landers
By Emily High
What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Sony DSLR camera with a Macro lense.
What is your favorite subject to shoot?
My favorite things to take photos of are textures.
What’s your AP Photography portfolio concentration?
Change over time. (the wagon wheel, bird house, and rusted wire are  for my concentration)
Do you use Photoshop?
I don’t edit most of my pictures because I think a picture is the best it can be if it does not need any editing at all. But when I do edit I mess with the hue, saturation, and warmth.
How did your passion for photography begin?
I always loved taking pictures, but when I was in Florida and got my professional camera is when I really started to put some time into it. My favorite picture I have ever taken was the first day I got my camera on the Chain of Lakes of my dad.
Are you pursuing photography in college?
I am not going to school specifically for photography, but it is a hobby that I will definitely keep up with.
Do you have any favorite photographers?
Some of my favorite photographers are Irving Penn, Laurent Laveder, and Poppet Penn.
Do you have any advice for beginners?
For anyone that is starting out I would say just take pictures of things that interest you. That is what makes it fun. You don’t need a fancy professional camera, a point and shoot camera works fine too.

Where will you be ten years from now?

Our New “Ravens Today” page

Are you wondering why your homepage is different?  Click on the video above to get all the details.

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