By: Luke Yoon

With the MLB postseason over, there are many high caliber players on the free-agent market looking for new homes this offseason.

In the following weeks and months, numerous MLB players will sign contracts with new teams. This article will focus on some of the top free agents this year and offer some predictions for their final destinations. 

J.T. Realmuto, a catcher who has spent the previous two years with the Philadelphia Phillies, will be one of the most sought out free agents. His ability to throw out runners as well as have a powerful bat-at-the-plate is a rarity in today’s league. Teams like the New York Mets and possibly his old team, the Miami Marlins, are two teams that could make a strong case to sign Realmuto. George Springer, an outfielder who has spent his whole career so far with the Houston Astros, will most likely be playing this upcoming season on a different team. He is a solid center fielder with a big bat at the plate that can do serious damage. The bigger name teams that could make a push to sign Springer are teams like the New York Mets and Yankees. However, a more surprising decision for Springer would be to sign with the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers seem like they could have a small chance of signing Springer because Springer’s previous manager, AJ Hinch, was recently hired by the Tigers after spending his one-year suspension from the MLB for the alleged sign-stealing scandal that he took part in while with the Astros. For the pitchers, Trevor Bauer is by far the biggest name in free agency, and rightfully so. Fresh off of winning the first Cy Young award in Cincinnati Reds’ history as the best pitcher in the National League, numerous teams will be after him. Teams like the Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox could make strong pushes to sign him. 

The New York Mets have been listed in lots of the predictions. This is because of the recent change in ownership of the franchise. Steve Cohen gained the approval from other MLB owners to become the owner for the Mets and is expected to encourage the Mets’s front office staff to sign as many high-caliber players in free agency as possible.

This upcoming season will greatly be affected by where all of the free agents sign. Make sure to check ESPN and MLB Network for updates on all of the current rumors and deals that have been confirmed.