By Online News Staff F

Students share what stresses them out the most and how they deal with it.

Nearly one in three students will show symptoms of excessive anxiety and stress by the age of 18, and most people struggle in knowing how to deal with this stress (Child Mind Institute).

We asked teachers and students in Ravenscroft Upper School what stresses them out the most and what strategies they use to cope with those things. Multiple students explained how the excessive amount of homework and all the due dates stress them out.

Responses to how students and staff deal with pressure varied. Grace Vande Berg said she “enjoys listening to music before bed” when she is stressed; and Hadley Crookenden noted that she “tries not to procrastinate as long as [she] can.” Coming from a teacher’s point of view, Mr. Philip Kantaros shared that, ever since he was little, “the back to school commercials, used to” worry him. He touched on how the start of a school year would always make him feel anxious and nervous. What he did to deal with that anxiousness was to take a positive outlook on the beginning of the year and to prepare as much as possible. According to the Child Mind Institute, giving gifts and being open to talking are recommended ways to help others cope with stress.

There are lots of ways to de-stress, including running, yoga, meditation, etc. Take some time to find one that suits you, so that you can gain from the health benefits.