By: Jack Barnes, Kenan Poole, Paul Walker, Bella Fordin, John Neff, and Josh Gilbert

Photo Credit: John Neff

There’s no such thing as normal, so embrace your differences.

Kelsey Tainsh visited Ravenscroft School to talk with students and faculty about accepting the differences of others, keeping a positive attitude, and being kind. During her presentation,  “Pockets: What They Hold, What They Hide,” Tainsh encouraged us not to hide our differences, by taking our “hands out of our pockets,” as she did to reveal a paralyzed right hand.

Tainsh is an inspirational speaker who visits people across the country for the purpose of enlightening them through her deep, personal experiences. Today, Wednesday, November 7th, 2018, she spoke to the upper school and middle school units as well as the third through fifth grades. Tainsh was first diagnosed with a brain tumor at age five. Another diagnosis followed at age fifteen, resulting in a serious stroke, which left her face and the right side of her body paralyzed.

Tainsh grabbed the audience’s attention by performing skits with students, telling comedic stories, and using music to create a comfortable environment for participants to express themselves. After she shared all her stories, Tainsh urged students to reveal their self-doubts that they hide in their “pockets.”

Kelsey Tainsh encouraged us all to have a positive attitude and to treat everyone with kindness every day that we can. She also encouraged us to be open to receive kindness when it is given. Remembering these things can help you and others achieve great heights.