By: Isabella Fordin

Photo Credit: Isabella FordinIMG_1633

Everyone’s favorite annual tradition returned, with a game that left you sitting on the edge of your seat, laughing with enjoyment, and cheering on your team.

October 3, 2018, was the yearly Ravenscroft Homecoming Powder Puff game. The Juniors and Senior teams were tied at eight points when the clock buzzed at the end of the game. As the game went into overtime, the juniors got a field goal on their fourth down, but the seniors pulled through and won with a touchdown and a field goal.

The Junior team was represented in white and the Seniors in green as they fought it out on the Ravenscroft Varsity Football field. A little after the start of the game, the Junior boys’ Powder Puff cheer team ran onto the field spiriting, going to the junior side to cheer on their grade. As the game wore on, the Juniors and Seniors went back and forth, trading touchdowns and field goals. With the occasional stunts and cheers by the cheerleaders and with the fans yelling and cheering at the teams, both teams fought hard and powered through overtime, ending the game with a senior victory at 19-9.

This was a great kickoff to our homecoming games and homecoming court selection. As Nate Guenard has noted in reference to being on the homecoming court, “It’s really an honor to be voted on by your classmates.” 

We hope to see everyone come out and support our Ravens on Homecoming night!