By: Danielle Williams

As we are beginning the new school year, SGA leaders are being introduced to us. 

The main positions of the Student Government Association (SGA) are executive, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who are over the whole Upper School. There are also leaders for each grade, which include executive, vice president, and the combined position of treasurer/secretary.

When the student leadership has plans or ideas, it is Mr. Jones and Mrs. Belks’s job to take the information to the administration. Mrs. Belk is the voice between the students and administration, including teachers, which is a benefit for the SGA. New changes will be developed as the year progresses, and the board is open to new ideas or interests. The meeting occurs every week on Tuesday, during lunch. 

The main purpose of SGA, according to SGA President Delaney Washington, is “to have a voice, and once people have the voice, changes can start to be made.”  The board’s number one priority is the students. They want to make sure that, if problems occur, we can resolve them in an efficient way. Communication is key especially in a small high school like this, so our leadership is here to communicate our issues to the administration and to the students. Disagreements usually don’t occur between the SGA members typically, but if there is a disagreement, it is resolved in a respectful manner. 

Our student leadership is a great way to get involved with the school head on and also, looks good on college applications. Although it could be seen as a stressful process or seem like too much work, it is still a great way to get involved around here. The SGA board welcomes new members and new ideas so make sure you email any of them if you have any. All they ask is if we, as students, communicate with them throughout the year, our voices can be heard. As Washington notes, our student leadership wants us to “take advantage of the moment, and for seniors, make this year your best year.”