By: Laurel Caplan

Community Service Board looks to revitalize the community by providing new ways to make service exciting.

With a goal to make community service and clubs more accessible to everyone, the Community Service Board is prepared to jump right into the 2021-2022 school year. 

The Community Service Board currently has nine student leaders: Lindsey Barrett, Eric Belcea, Tul Cherukuri, Hope Hauck, Sophia Hopper, Eugene Lee, Maddison Maurio, Grace Petrov, and Isabella Speranza. Sophia Hopper ‘24 explains that the board’s purpose is to  “serve as [a] liaison between the students and the administration in order to make clubs and community service accessible to everyone.” This group of student leaders meets every Wednesday in the Upper School to approve and discuss clubs, announcements, and community-service opportunities. Organization and strategic planning are the key methods this group uses to take steps towards reaching their goals. Committees within the board have been introduced recently to work on separate tasks as well. Utilizing the Raven Today page in Canvas will also be a new resource for the board to send information to Upper School students.

Student leader Sophia Hopper decided that she wanted to join the Community Service Board because community service is very important to her. She knows that many people have a limited view and see it as picking up trash or volunteering somewhere; Sophia wanted to provide broader access to service opportunities that would better suit everyone’s interests. Her favorite part of the board is working with other people who value our community and community service as much as she does. 

This school year, the Community Service Board would like everyone to be open to starting something new or volunteering in the community. There are numerous opportunities for everyone, and there are always ways to get involved.