Andrea Vad

COVID has had a major impact on players  in their spring and fall seasons.

COVID has recently been the new team on the field when it comes to the NCYSA. Many soccer players started their spring season off normally, but as time progressed, their seasons came to screeching halts. 

As for right now, different Raleigh-area clubs and organizations have been taking precautions to further prevent the spread of COVID from player-to-player. Many clubs have required their players to wear masks when walking on and off the field.

  Although soccer is clearly a contact sport, full contact has just been approved within the last two weeks, and players have been able to proceed with in-club scrimmages and regular temperature checks. 

Different states obviously have different regulations and some are moving at a faster rate than others. With this being said, as long as players, coaches, and directors alike abide by COVID guidelines, everyone should be able to stay safe.