CCL Year 2: Responses 10-22-14

CCL is back at Ravenscroft for a second year, and the overall outlook on it appears to be positive, surprisingly.

Mole Day Project Winners, 4-24-13

This year’s Mole Day Project Winners speak out about the project Mrs. Heckman assigned them.

Chemistry Class Mole Projects, 3-13-13

Holy Moly! Wait until you see what’s happening in Susann Heckman’s chemistry classes…

Ravenscroft’s Mr. Luna Interview, 1-25-13

Mr.Luna is interviewed about his life and what has brought him to Raleigh

GoPo Debates

If you can’t get enough of this years elections, then the GOPO Class debates are for you!
***WARNING: Contains extreme smear campaigns.***

Honors PreCalculus Pumpkin Carvings

The Nevarmore Newsteam takes an in depth look at Janine Wood’s pumpkin carving project.  Let’s gets CARVING!

Econ Business Projects

Nevarmore Online has the inside scoop on Econ business projects…

Art for Social Justice

Nevarmore Online reporter Lauren Grady canvasses the campus to gather the story behind the projects…

Mortgage Crisis Speaker

Nevarmore Online reporters Matt Colwell and Brandon Park take a look inside Jennifer Cohen Econ classes…

Welsh 101 LIVE! Terminology Explained

Econ Student Project: Business Plans, 1-24-12

Jennifer Cohen’s Economics class recently presented their original business plan project. Watch Nevarmore Online reporter Anastatia Hollis shed insight on this new assignment.

Chris Kelly’s AP Egg Drop Project, 1-23-12

Watch the AP Physics crew demonstrate their EGGcellent work in action…

Poetry Out Loud 2011, 12-13-11