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The NHL Lockout: The Other Campaign

Nevarmore Online, Sarah Miller

The National Hockey League has postponed its 2012-2013 season and has locked out its players, only eight years ago since the lockout that cancelled a whole season in 2004-2005.  But why?  What’s the big deal?  The players and owners cannot agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA, which expired on September 15, 2012.  Hockey cannot commence until a new one has been decided and agreed on.

Sounds simple, right?

But it’s more complicated than it seems.  The situation looks eerily similar to that of our current political campaign, with two firm sides that have no plan of compromising their own agendas.  To make it easier to understand, here is a basic layout of the situation:

The Sides:
1. Owners (NHL)
2. Players (NHL Players Association; NHLPA)

Lingo to Know:
Salary Range: The amount each NHL team can pay for player salaries

  • the salary floor is the minimum amount a team must pay
  • the salary cap is the maximum amount a team can pay

Hockey Related Revenue: defined in the CBA, this includes all the money made from the regular season and the playoffs (games, broadcasts, merchandise, etc.)

The Views:

The main issue these two sides cannot agree on is the player’s overall share of revenue.  Currently, the players recieve 57% of league revenue.  In the new proposal, The NHL aims to directly lower players’ revenue share from 57% to about 46-50% and remains that percent throughout the new agreement. The NHLPA, on the other hand, is focusing on the proposed growth of revenue.  They offer to lower their share of future growth, and then increase it over the three years until by the final fourth year their share returns to 57%.  They argue this system will benefit owners because, if revenue continues to grow over the years as it is currently, the player’s actual dollar amount of will essentially be lower compared to that of the owners. Then, the significantly larger portions can go to financially weak clubs, and also to the owners.


Still, that is just the basics.  Further information can be found in the links below.

Will the hockey season ever commence? Will the players ever lace up? Will Old Stanley be lifted for another lucky team?  Will fans have to accept the fact that the good ol’ hockey game may never play for the long winter, missing another whole season? So many questions, so little time.

What do you think about the situation? Whose side are you on?

Click HERE for more information on the lockout situation.

Click HERE for more information on hockey related income.

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