Gear Up for the Junior Mountain Trip, 5-1-14

Dan Ressner, Ravenscroft Staff Member and Alum, provides recommendations as well as demonstrations for equipment for the Junior Mountain Trip.

How to Tie a Bow Tie for Prom, 4-22-14

Sterling Price teaches how to tie a bow tie, which is important to know for all of the prom-going boys out there.

A Reeling Interesting Video About Fishing, 5-12-14

Your fellow Ravens give some tips and hear some stories about fishing!

8 Ball Pool: The Do’s and Don’t’s, 4-29-13

A Tutorial from the Nevarmore Online Pool Committee. Emphasizing the do’s and don’ts to get you on a Path to Pool Prominence!

Not enough friends to play? Well add parts of the Nevarmore Online Staff!

Miniclip Names: Kofie , WillTooSmooth, Kwilliams7, PSland29 and qhbehbeh3413

What Did You Think of Celebration Day?, 4-27-13

Nevarmore Online reporter Fonz interviews Ravens about Celebration Day and the Pep Rally…..

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Prom, 4-25-13

Seniors Lloyd Mallison, John Montague, Rachel Wakeford and Shelby Major bring you the top 10 do’s and do not’s for guys and dolls who plan to attend Prom this Saturday…

Prom Tips with Lloyd Mallison, 4-22-13

Clueless about what to do for prom? So are we. Regardless, we made a video chock full of splendid tips that will help you get through the night!

Matthew and Carter’s Prom Preview, 4-23-13

Matthew and Carter go around the high school asking people about their thoughts regarding the upcoming prom.

Nevarmore Online Presents Cribs: NMMI Style, 4-23-13

To see Quinn Billerman’s crib at New Mexico Military Institute, please click HERE.

8 Ball Pool, 4-22-13

Watch a trailer for the new game taking the ‘Croft by storm!

Clueless about what to do for prom? So are we. Regardless, we made a video chock full of splendid tips that will help you get through the night!

Prom Tips With Lloyd Mallison, 4-22-13

How To Tie A Bow Tie, 4-16-13

Learn how to tie a perfect bow tie right before this year’s prom season with Jordan Bednar and Turner Makepeace…

How To Ask a Girl To Prom, 3-29-13

The Jordans (Bednar and Jeter) show you how to ask your next date to prom!

Stuff Underclassmen Say, 3-25-13

Here’s a glimpse into the world of Freshmen and Sophomores!

Wheels of the Week (Whip of the Week Parody), 3-7-13

This week, the Nevarmore revisits some of its past failings, and drags them back up to the present. So this is the revisited whip of the week; re-branded as Wheels of the Week, in which John “Captain Obvious” Montague shows off his truck!

Major Crafts and Holla How-To’s, 3-6-13

Stuff ‘Croft Teachers Say Pt.1, 2-11-13

Charlie Brown’s teacher has got nothing on ‘Croft teachers…

Cooking With Beau, 2-8-13

He’s bbbaaacccckkkk! Not really, but Nevarmore Online reporter Lloyd Mallison traveled over the river and through the woods to Beau Scheier’s house to film this master chef in action…

Where will you be ten years from now? 9-17-12

The Nevarmore crew go out on an adventure to listen to peoples future wishes! Leave us a comment with where you will be ten years from now!

A Tribute to Nevarmore Online Founding “Fathers”

What a fantastic inaugural year for the Journalism/Online News course feat. the original seven: Jordan Bednar, Garrett Bird, Quinn Billerman, Sarah Collins, Emily High, Anastatia Hollis, and Rashaad Ratliff-Brown. Since all of you know me so well, you certainly are not expecting an average, heartfelt thanks for all your work and creativity. Of course, since “I am a cat-lover and I love to run,” I had to come up with a Velkish tribute that is “soooooo interactive” and “just more Neavarmore.” The following videos of “happy people” will simply leave you thinking “would you look at that!” This one’s for all of you that said the Nevarmore boys can’t dance and the rest of us are not normal…

4EVAR in my heart,

Mutha Velk

BS Break Dancin’, Bednar, Billerman, Bird, 5-15-12

Nevarmore Online News Team: Super Freakin’ Good, 5-15-12

Don’t Mess Wit Mutha Velk, 5-15-12


Juniors: A Bit of Advice

A few  veterans offer tips and information about the upcoming Junior Mountain Trip to Psigah National Park

Senioritis Hits 2012

Nevarmore Online investigative reporter, Reid Scales, interviews Dr. Perry about this highly contagious condition…

Great Ravenscroft Daps

Dappin’ in the halls of Ravenscroft…

Top 10 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate From Ravenscroft

Nevarmore Online/Sarah Collins, Katherine Finney & Caroline Scales – The class of 2012 is approaching graduation, but the classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 have years ahead. It may be too late for the seniors,
but for the rest of the Upper School, we comprised a bucket list for your next years at Ravenscroft.

1. Take Journalism

Students at Ravenscroft are only required to take 4.5 years of English. But many find
that after taking Journalism, they have learned a different type of writing than they were taught in their English classes. We are not just trying to plug the class because we are the editors. We learned how to combine visual and writing components, as well as the learned new programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

2. Morning Meeting Announcement

If you’re a shy person, getting up on stage in front of 450 people is the last thing on your agenda. But, making an announcement during Morning Meeting, believe it or not, can help you get over the timidness,
just speak loudly and clearly.

3. Use a SmartBoard

It’s pretty much one of the coolest pieces of technology in the Upper School,

so why not?

4. Take stagecraft

Although most people only take the
class to get their Fine Arts graduation requirement and it was formerly regarded as a “bummy” class, stagecraft is a great way to get to know Mr. V, one of the funniest teachers at Ravenscroft. Painting and building a set can become therapeutic and stress-relieving amidst a hectic day.

5. Senior dress-up day:

Only applies to girls: Whether it’s princess day or cowgirl day, dressing up makes you feel a little ridiculous. And that’s okay. In fact, that’s the fun of it.

6. Play Jesus Ball

Jesus Ball is the Ravenscroft Upper School FCA’s form of dodgeball. It’s an experience that you must have at least once, even if the only thing you gain is use of the name itself.

7. Get Yelled At By Coach Gonet

While it may not sound fun to be yelled at by a Ravenscroft football coach,
stories about being yelled at by Coach Gonet are often the most memorable, and everybody’s got one.

8. Converse With Coach Piette  

Athletic Director Coach Michelle Piette has more stories than you can count on the hands of the senior class about Ravenscroft. From the hilarious to the outrageous, she has seen any sports injury you can imagine, and it would be fully worth your time to talk to her about any sports event that has happened in thepastfew decades at Ravenscroft.

9. Talk To
Ms.Rhonda About Her Dogs

Everybody knows Ms. Rhonda. But have you ever stopped to chat while going for a snack?
If you have, you probably have heard about her many canine companions. She takes great pride in those dogs, even showing them at dog shows. It’s a heartwarming conversation that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

10. Buy A
From Rhonda’s

The legendary cookies and muffins from Rhonda’s are a great breakfast, snack, or lunch. But, get there early, because by the
end of the day these tasty treats
are long gone.

Cartoon by Kate Sweeney

Silencing the Majority:

Ban on grinding at Homecoming Dance leads to sit-in protest.
Please click HERE or on the image below for full story.