Food of the Week: Prom, 4-24-13

For this weeks special segment of Food of the Week, we decided to feature Smart Ones by Weight Watchers!!! The reason why? Well it’s prom this weekend and everyone needs to be a Smart Ones! Ha!

Food of the Week: Sugary Goodness, 3-20-13

Got some hot fire sugary goodness on deck. Rhonda’s trademark chocolate cookie is finally in the limelight because it rhymes tight. Ha! But really these cookies are crazy good and so is the video this week. Check it out, tell your friends, and most of all tell your friends.

Food of the Week: Into the Wild, 3-15-13

We went into the wild. We left our trail to find our way back. With Trail Mix! Check it out!

Food of the Week: Los Doritos Pe Queno Del Queso, 2-14-13

This week for Food of the Week, we pulled up to the scene with our ceilings missing and took an in-depth look at the Los Doritos el Nacho de Queso en porque!!! Et tu Brute?

Food of the Week: Rocky, 2-6-13

On this segment of Food of the Week, we decided to increase morale with some Energy. With Snickers Marathon Energy Bar, that is! If you’re trying to get yacked, this is the food for you! Special Guest, Rocky joins us for this segment. Actually he doesn’t. But he’s with us in spirit!!!

Food of the Week: Honey Boo Boo, 1-25-

WE DO NOT LIKE THE FLAVOR OF THE END OF THE WORLD… soooo we are eating Strawberry Poptarts!!!

Food of the Week: End of the World, 12-13-12


Food of the Week: Past TREEsures from Rhonda’s Cafe, 12-4-12

This week, the Nevarmore News Team took a new approach to Food of the Week. We built it. Yeah. That’s right we made our christmas  tree out of former food of the weeks. Check it out, Player.

Food of the Week: Oreo Fluff Delight, 9-25-12

The Nevarmore Food Crew takes an in depth look at Splurg!!!! (aka oreo passion fluff) Come on down to Rhonda’s Cafe and get you one!!! Pop us a comment about how much ya love ya some splurg!!!!

Food of the Week: Dannon Light & Fit, 9-20-12

This week, the Nevarmore Crew showcases Danon Light & Fit Yogurt!!!! YUMMMMM!

Food of the Week: Chex Mex Cheddar, 9-11-12

Nevarmore Online News reporter, JT Taylor, takes an in depth look at Chex mix cheddar!!! Filmed by Michael Hall.

Food of the Week: Big Bopper, 4-30-12

This week’s Food of the Week at Rhonda’s Café is…….. Big Bopper Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!

Food of the Week: Sour Patch Kids, 4-25-12

On this segment of Food of the Week we delve into the splendiforously flavored Sour Patch Kids!

Food of the Week: Banana Nut Muffin, 4-2-12

“Go bananas…B-A-N-A-N-A-S” with Nevarmore Online reporters George Reddin, JT Taylor and Robert Vaughan…

Food of the Week: Hummus, 3-26-12

Nevarmore Online reporter Robert Vaughan shares insight on the food of the week…