By: Hannah Bever

“I Am”

Hannah Bever

I am blessed and imaginative

I wonder what the future holds, like a present waiting to be unboxed

I  hear the birds chirping their soft sweet melody and crickets humming in all different pitches

I want to travel to the most unique and beautiful places the world has to offer

I am blessed and imaginative

I pretend I am where waves  are crashing as the moon kisses the horizon  to reflect on the whimsical water, while finding pearly shells that are playing hide and go seek

I feel joyful and thankful, for all of the opportunities and family I have that are there for me no matter what

I touch  my grandma’s hand as she tells us stories of the past and stories that are simply made up on the spot

I worry about the trees, how they produce clean air and give us the moment to look at their vibrant leaves

I cry when I am disappointed in myself, but still knowing that I will improve from my mistakes

I am blessed and imaginative

I understand what hard work and dedication is, and that if you commit to a task, you should follow through

I say memories are the most precious thing to have, for you cannot ever waste a heartfelt memory, even just a laugh

I dream about the holidays, Christmas’s ringing bells and music

I try to be my best self always, to believe in myself and try no matter what obstacles I have to hurdle over  in order to accomplish my dreams

I hope that I continue to write poetry and adventurous stories for the rest of my blessed life

I am blessed and imaginative