Digital Media Fall 2020 class interviewed Upper School Science department chair, Ms. Zoe Welsh, about her involvement with the Upper School Faculty parking “Wheel” raffle.

How did you first think of or get involved with choosing staff parking spaces with the wheel?

1.  The reopening of school came with a lot of changes for everyone.  Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed and wondered what might cheer me up.  When I looked out of the window and saw the open spaces in the senior lot, it hit me.  It would be so nice to park closer to the school (instead of the 5th grade lot) and there were a lot of empty spaces.  I thought that other teachers might feel the same way.  I saw Aaron later that day and said, “I have a way to improve morale and it won’t cost you a thing.”  So, I pitched the idea that there could be a raffle of some sort and that I would organize it- all he had to do was tell me how many spots I could give away.  With his go ahead, I went online to try to find a random name generator and found the Wheel of Names.  I figured I could further jazz the process up by using Screencastify, some Ravenscroft swag, and a jaunty lead-in song.  It’s been Friday fun ever since.

How do you come up with your special sayings (e.g., “jiggidy jaggedy”)?

2.  I’ve been using creative terminology for quite a while now- probably since my children (who are 24 and 21 now) were little.  Instead of less polite terminology, I came up with other words and phrases to use.  They are generally things that just pop in my head and, if I like them, I keep using them.  Currently, “jiggidy jaggedy” and “oh my Chicago” are phrases I’ve been using a lot.  Who knows what I’ll be saying next year!

Have you ever wanted to be a talk-show host?

3.  I’ve never wanted to be a talk show host.  I think I’ve always been a teacher at heart.  When I was little, I used to force my younger sister to play school.  Thankfully, she recovered from the trauma and still speaks to me.

How do you stay so upbeat? What is your outlook on life?

4.  I am not oblivious to all of the negative things that are happening today, but I also know that we can each make a difference.  I know it’s cliché, but I love the Gandhi quote- “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Whether that’s setting up an all access aromatherapy spa in the science suite (temporarily closed due to the virus), making goofy Friday videos for my colleagues who are working their behinds off, or just using funny phrases during class to keep things interesting, I try to bring joy to those around me.  Am I always happy?  No way.  When I am, though, I make sure I enjoy every minute of it!