By: Amir Webster, Kenan Poole, James Myers, and Kyle Ross

By no surprise, the Patriots take the trophy home again.

The Patriots take the win again. Pats fans were expecting another Super Bowl dub while Rams fans could only hope for one.

On Sunday evening, February 01, 2019, The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. By winning Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, now has more Super Bowl wins than about 28 other National Football League franchises, according to USA today; and the Patriots are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most wins of all time. The trio of Belichick (coach), Brady (quarterback), and Kraft (owner) continues the dynasty that started back in 2001.

The Patriots won the tense and tight game thirteen to three.  The Patriots have now won six super bowls all with Tom Brady as the quarterback. Brady is now forty-years-old and is, in our opinion, the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady reportedly intends to retire when he is forty-five. The Super Bowl half-time show featured artists Maroon 5 and Gladys Knight.

Continue following the Patriots to see if they keep their streak alive!