By: Sarabi Owens

On January 31, 2018, an extremely rare Super Blue Blood Moon and a Full Lunar Eclipse happened. These astral events are ones that only happen every couple of centuries and are the combination of four astral occurrences.

The Super Blue Blood Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse were viewable in North America, the upper western area of South America, Central America, Asia, Australia, most of Europe, and some parts of Africa. Many areas were in “the line of totality,” or the area where individuals could view the full eclipse.  North Carolina was included. The Lunar Eclipse lasted from about 5:55 until 6:41, and the moon itself was viewable all night. The events included in this were a supermoon, a blue moon, a blood moon, and a lunar eclipse.

A supermoon is a time during the moon’s orbit that it is closer to the Earth than usual. During the recent supermoon, it appeared 14% larger than usual. A blue moon is a rare occurrence when a month has a second full moon since, usually, there will be one full moon a month. A blood moon is when the Earth is perfectly aligned with the sun and moon. This is often confused with a Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the Earth is perfectly aligned with the sun and moon, and the moon is in Earth’s shadow. This event not only intrigued people worldwide, but it also struck fear into many individuals as, in some religions, a Blood Moon is seen as a sign of the end of the world.

Many people woke up very early to view the moon and the eclipse. This event also is known as the “Snow Moon” or the “Hunger Moon.” Did you get up early to see the astonishing Moon that day?


What’s a Blood Moon?