What a fantastic inaugural year for the Journalism/Online News course feat. the original seven: Jordan Bednar, Garrett Bird, Quinn Billerman, Sarah Collins, Emily High, Anastatia Hollis, and Rashaad Ratliff-Brown. Since all of you know me so well, you certainly are not expecting an average, heartfelt thanks for all your work and creativity. Of course, since “I am a cat-lover and I love to run,” I had to come up with a Velkish tribute that is “soooooo interactive” and “just more Neavarmore.” The following videos of “happy people” will simply leave you thinking “would you look at that!” This one’s for all of you that said the Nevarmore boys can’t dance and the rest of us are not normal…

4EVAR in my heart,

Mutha Velk

BS Break Dancin’, Bednar, Billerman, Bird, 5-15-12

Nevarmore Online News Team: Super Freakin’ Good, 5-15-12

Don’t Mess Wit Mutha Velk, 5-15-12