As St. Baldrick’s quickly approaches, Nevarmore Online wanted to tell the story of a donor who went to extremes to support the cause.

Upper Schoolers may remember when science teacher Susann Heckman shaved her head during Morning Meeting in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The cause was very close to her. As a teenager, she worked as a volunteer with children who were terminally ill with cancer. Also, when one of her sons was an infant, he had a very close call with cancer that greatly frightened her. She likes the St. Baldrick’s mission because most of the money they raise benefits the sick children directly.

When Heckman agreed to shave her head, she acknowledged that she would not be able to attend the St. Baldrick’s event due to a conflict. The organizers thought that if she did not attend the event, she wouldn’t follow through, although Heckman would not go back on an agreement. She never fully agreed to shaving her head during Morning Meeting, but word got out, and the next thing she knew, Heckman was on stage with her hair-dresser, surrounded by news crews.

Heckman reveals that this was the most nerve-wracking part. She was unaware that the news crews would be there to film the event until 15 minutes before she went on stage. But she braved the cameras and fully shaved her head for the cause.

Heckman says that she would shave her head again, but most of all, she hopes that the Upper School will adopt the project permanently. St. Baldrick’s is this Saturday at Saints and Scholars. As for this year, we will have to wait until Saturday to see if Upper School history teacher Mark Laskowski with be the next teacher to part with his locks.