Pinterest’s catch phrase, “Organize and share things you love” lets you do just that. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize photos by “pinning” or “repinning” them from a large pinboard onto your own personal bulletin boards. Your own boards can be labeled whatever you want: weddings, fashion, beauty, animals, or even inspirational quotes.

Pinterest, known as the “organized and new Tumblr”, is invitation-only. You request an invitation and receive it in you e-mail aftering being on queue for about a week. This regulates the amount of online users or pinboards in general, since the site is still in its early stages and can only handle about 6 million monthly users.

Part of what makes the site so popular is how accessible and interactive it is, after being invited. The Pinterest iPhone app is free on the iTunes store, so you can browse, like, comment, and repin, as well as upload your own photos to the site. The site also provides a code to put Pinterest buttons on websites.

Pinterest is truly one of the up-and-coming websites that offers both the  inspiration of Tumblr and interaction similar to a social media site.