By Emily High
What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Sony DSLR camera with a Macro lense.
What is your favorite subject to shoot?
My favorite things to take photos of are textures.
What’s your AP Photography portfolio concentration?
Change over time. (the wagon wheel, bird house, and rusted wire are  for my concentration)
Do you use Photoshop?
 I don’t edit most of my pictures because I think a picture is the best it can be if it does not need any editing at all. But when I do edit I mess with the hue, saturation, and warmth.
How did your passion for photography begin?
 I always loved taking pictures, but when I was in Florida and got my professional camera is when I really started to put some time into it. My favorite picture I have ever taken was the first day I got my camera on the Chain of Lakes of my dad.
Are you pursuing photography in college?
I am not going to school specifically for photography, but it is a hobby that I will definitely keep up with.
Do you have any favorite photographers?
Some of my favorite photographers are Irving Penn, Laurent Laveder, and Poppet Penn.
Do you have any advice for beginners?
For anyone that is starting out I would say just take pictures of things that interest you. That is what makes it fun. You don’t need a fancy professional camera, a point and shoot camera works fine too.