Remembering 9/11

Ravenscroft’s attempt to honor the memory of lives lost on September 11, 2001 did not go as planned, as many …

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In da Club…Bazaar

Michael Hall ’15 interviews attendees and club presidents at the 2nd Annual Upper School Club Bazaar. Video editing by Sam …

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September College Counseling Update

Nevarmore Online presents the Senior College Counseling Update Week 1. We will be producing these segments weekly. Created and produced …

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Prom Review

Sam Sutherland interviews Prom goers about how they thought prom went. Plus there are some prom pictures at the end …

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Fashion Friday

This video provides a look at our audience’s responses to the weekly “Fashion Friday” surveys that were sent out over …

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How to Tie a Bow Tie for Prom

Sterling Price teaches how to tie a bow tie, which is important to know for all of the prom-going boys …

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Car Names

Blake Sanders and Warren Myers venture through the halls of Ravenscroft to gain an insight on the names students have …

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Upper School Spring Break 2014

Here’s a recap of some of the Upper School students spring break! And a little preview of other Spring Breaks …

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Connor Irey meets Fonz

Connor meets his new friend Connor Irey. Actor Connor Irey a.k.a Fonz, Filmers Mitchell Andrews and Kyle Williams.

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Live 5’s Triumphant Return

After the devastating loss of Crawford Sloan to Composition class, the Live 5 managed to regroup, hold the Live 5 …

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‘Croft Teacher Nae Nae?

4EvAr Productions brings to you, from the halls of the Upper School, the bravest faculty members in the 919 busting …

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Kickball Tournament

This is an informational video about the kickball tournament benefiting “In Sam’s Name”, as well as a recap of last …

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Special Olympics Recap

Sterling Price, Caroline Gainey, and Sam Sutherland take a look at the 2014 Wake County Olympics hosted by Ravenscroft School.

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Gear Up for the Junior Mountain Trip

Dan Ressner, Ravenscroft Staff Member and Alum, provides recommendations as well as demonstrations for equipment for the Junior Mountain Trip. …

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